To Grill or Not to Grill – Team Building Cooking

A battle looms and you must take a stance. “To Grill or not to Grill” that is the question! Nationally known Chefs Doug & Craiger select teams to either Sear or Saute’; identical items (the GRILL TEAM and the SAUTE TEAM) are cooked off after each team preps, cooks, and finishes an incredible gourmet dinner! Results to be consumed, with delight and voraciousness! The chefs join at dinner comparing results, and discussing the wine pairings from shooting star “Pillsbury Wines”. Be prepared to eat, drink, and be merry and take home a To Grill Chef’s jacket!

Food Fight

To Grill or Not To Grill
‘Tis it nobler to sear than sauté? That is the question!

You may have thought that you were going to be slacking off all week, but you were wrong! You have been in competitions all week, and the winners of each of the activities are all now sitting as judges for the Ultimate Food Fight. Welcome to

“To Grill or Not to Grills” version of the popular Iron Chef!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

The stage is set, and we mean set! A custom Viking kitchen and grill are soon to be put to the Ultimate test. Two dueling Chefs; Chef Doug on the Sauté side, and Chef Craiger on the Grill side will match wits in the most entertaining cooking presentation this side of Julia Child! Each Chef is presented with the evenings “secret ingredient”, which must be used in as many creative ways as possible! What might that be? Squid, Eel, or….let your mind wander, and then watch the chefs as they command their teams to create culinary magic.

The judges will be escorted to their table front and center to carefully observe the evening’s escapades. All the rest of the evenings guests will be seated at crescent shaped tables all designed to give each person the optimum viewing position, and overhead cameras on the elevated platform will give close-ups of the chefs as they feverishly race to beat the clock and craft the winning appetizer! Of course there aren’t any losers in all of this, as everyone wins! Each guest will get the opportunity to witness culinary wizards in their element, delight to the back and forth banter, learn techniques, and even walk away with recipes!

To kick off the evening, all of the guests will be welcome to saunter from room to room throughout the handsome estate during the cocktail reception. Once everyone has had a chance to experience the grandeur of the villa, all will assemble outside as we gather momentum for the Food Fight!

During the Chefs presentation, professional staff will be circulating with a trio of appetizers, and to refresh libations. The nibbles will consist of items crafted both in the kitchen and on the grill; the edible results of the “To Grill or Not to Grill” Chefs creativity! As the show progresses the chefs from Creative Hands Cuisine will be assembling the evenings actual sit-down dinner.

We are talking incredible aromas coming from every angle, and happy well-fed and entertained guests!

An Evening with Renoir

World-renowned artist Pierre Auguste Renoir comes alive in a magical blending of art, and theatre. Witness an artistic event come to life, as actors portray each of the individuals in the classic painting “The Luncheon of the Boating Party”. Renoir himself is the master of ceremonies as the painting assembles and ultimately strikes a pose. Guaranteed to leave your group stunned!