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Shambhala Estates at Begawan Giri/ Bali,Indonesia


Bordered by the sacred Ayung River, and surrounded by terraced rice paddies, and jungle-covered mountains, Shambhala is a true departure from the norm. Spectacular architecture utilizing local stone, wood, and traditional alang-alang roofing combine for a greater purpose: that being to clear the mind for thoughts of better health.

Shambhala is a unique collection of Residences, Villas, and Retreat Villas that should be considered when sourcing an all encompassing, total indulgence, very private retreat, for the key players within a small corporate entity. Comprising a total of 33 separate residences, all are within close proximity. Privacy is assured yet all are close enough to be convenient.

Full service spa, restaurants, secretarial and concierge services, combine with yoga, pilates, and a vitality pool to indulge you in every possible way. You may even take advantage of the Consultation Rooms with access to health professionals.

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Shambhala Estates

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Bali, Indonesia