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Cocoa Island/ Republic of Maldives


Hovering over the crystalline aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean, the romantic and intimate thatch huts look anything but elegant, and you would be both right and wrong. For if you are looking for acres of Marble and indoor seclusion this won’t satisfy your needs. However, if you are looking for the ultimate in pampering and total outdoor seclusion this will be your ticket to elegance.

The Republic of Maldives lies at 3 degrees and 15 minutes North Latitude, and 73 degrees East Longitude. In real world terms, it is just North of the Equator, and Southwest of Mainland India. The unbelievably blue waters of the Indian Ocean are home to colorful sea life, and an equally colorful life on land. The so-called “flattest nation on Earth” is predominantly Muslim and comprises an Archipelago of roughly 26 inhabited atolls.

Cocoa Island is the image that is permanently etched in every world traveler’s mind. That desire to escape so far from the hustle and bustle has led nearly everyone to peruse the pages of a travel magazine. The images of Cocoa Island that have been captured and printed are cut and pasted into “wish wheels” the world over. I know it is on mine, and it will be on yours; as soon as you see the photos and hear the sirens call.

Cocoa Island presents to you a selection of Suites and Villas that are certain to take you to a new level of total relaxation. Spa treatments are recommended and endorsed, and a 24-Hour Concierge is available.

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Cocoa Island/ Republic of Maldives

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Maldives, Maldives