Beautiful Arizona on Location

Arizona is a state of incomparable scenic beauty, and is not only blessed with great rural locations, but with incredible city spaces as well. Many peoples from all over the world have gravitated to the Phoenix metro area bringing with them a fabulous collection of ideas and designs, which have been integrated into our desert culture. Cutting edge architecture surrounded with bold exterior spaces and fabulous interiors provide ideal backdrops for the film and photo industries.

Available Homes

As many different options for locations shoots as there are options needed, Bella Palazzo presents a collection of radically different architectural styles. President & Owner Margie Van Zee was the Art Director at Phoenix Home & Garden magazine for over twelve years, and has accumulated files on all of the many homes that were featured. With her background in graphics, artistic design, and photo styling, all that is needed, is an explanation of what is desired, and most often she already has a home in mind. The files on these homes are protected, and most will not appear on the web site so do call with your architectural request!

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