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Arizona adventure mapExplore Arizona’s spectacular diversity with thrilling day trips from your Phoenix vacation rental.

From the iconic red rock vistas of Sedona to the awe-inspiring grandeur of the Grand Canyon and the historic streets of Tombstone, Arizona offers a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes and rich history.


A Scenic Sanctuary

Drive Time: Approximately 2 hours

Red Rocks of Sedona

Red Rocks of Sedona


Discover the enchanting red rock vistas and creative spirit of
Sedona, an ideal spot for hiking, relaxation, and exploring
mystical energy vortexes. Art galleries and local shops further
color the town’s vibrant cultural tapestry.



Grand Canyon:
A Breathtaking Masterpiece

Drive Time: Approximately 3.5 hours

The majestic Grand Canyon

Majestic Grand Canyon


Visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
Whether you choose rim walks or deep canyon hikes,
the Grand Canyon offers spectacular and unforgettable views,
plus opportunities for rafting and wildlife spotting.



A Blend of Old and New

Drive Time: Approximately 1.5 hours

Tuscon Wild West

Tuscon’s Wild West reenactment


Delve into Tucson’s rich blend of cultural heritage and modern
Don’t miss historical landmarks and the Arizona-Sonora
Desert Museum, alongside vibrant culinary offerings that reflect
its diverse community.


Monument Valley:
A Journey Through Time

Drive Time: Approximately 5 hours

Monument Valley

Monument Valley


Experience the profound tranquility and immense beauty of
this sacred place through guided tours or scenic drives that
meander among the majestic formations. Local Navajo guides
offerdeep insights into the cultural significance of the landscape.

Petrified Forest National Park:
A Journey to the Prehistoric

Drive Time: Approximately 3 hours

A petrified tree

The Petrified Forest


A landscape famed for its colorful badlands and fossilized
trees, this park is a must-visit for lovers of nature and history
alike. Trails and viewpoints offer sweeping vistas and
close-up encounters with ancient geology.

Four Corners Monument:
Take a Stand in Four States

Drive Time: Approximately 4.5 hours

The corner of four states


Experience the unique thrill of standing in four states at once
at this singular geographic point where Arizona, New Mexico,
Colorado, and Utah meet. The site is perfect for a memorable
photo opportunity and exploring nearby tribal parks.

Step into the Wild West

Drive Time: Approximately 3 hours

Stagecoach near the O.K. Corral


Relive the days of the Old West in Tombstone, famous for the
O.K. Corral gunfight. Just outside Sierra Vista, you can visit historic
saloons, watch reenactments, and explore museums that bring frontier
history to life, along with ghost tours that illuminate its storied past.






Each of these destinations offers a unique slice of what makes the American Southwest so mesmerizing. From the spiritual red rocks of Sedona to the awe-inspiring depths of the Grand Canyon, and from the historic streets of Tombstone to the time-worn landscapes of Monument Valley, there is a wealth of natural beauty and cultural richness waiting to be explored. Whether you seek adventure, tranquility, or a journey through history, these excursions promise to enrich your experience and leave you with lasting memories.

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