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Stayed at Beach Access Lane ~ Cute and Cozy Ventura Cottage! September 2019

“Margie went above and beyond what is normally expected of a host: for no additional fee, she upgraded us to a property that was even better than the one we originally rented.“ Peter, Los Angeles, CA


We love Perter’s comment! We ALWAYS go over and above when we take care of our guests! The home that they booked had a water leak and instead of just canceling his booking and let him find his own replacement, we take a different approach. Our #hospitality approach is to always create a great experience and create fabulous memories. I called everyone that i knew that had a a great vacation rental in Ventura and we secured him a new property, with ocean views that would allow his 3 dogs, in a matter of 15 minutes! That changed their world, and it changed ours! It makes me feel great to be sure he had a great vacation and experience with Bella!

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