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So Spring is in full bloom all across the land, and already there is talk amongst the family members about Summer vacation.. Seems the number one choice is the beach this year, and wouldn’t ya know it, we just happen to have a few places to choose from!!

If you happen to like your beaches warm and tropical, then you must consider the stunning blue Sea of Cortez off of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. Warm waters caress white sand beaches, and salty rimmed Margaritas are served on platters with fresh wedges of lime! Be ready to relax and soak up the sun as you work on your tan!

If you prefer your beaches with a little surfers vibe, then you must check out Ventura, California. The legendary surf culture is proudly on display on the sands of San Buenaventura.. Breathtaking sunsets, and a wonderful laid-back lifestyle welcome you to stay as long as you like.

Well it is already April, so you’d better act fast. The options get thinner as the days speed by. Call us and let us prepare a lovely spot for you and your family!

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