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Just east of Phoenix, the city of Mesa is equal parts scenic and charming. With tons of history, a healthy population size, and scenery galore, it only makes sense that Mesa parks are the perfect place to relax when staying at a Bella Palazzo vacation home.

Take your dog for a walk, grab some local takeaway for a picnic, let the kids run wild, ride your bike, or hang with a park ranger – the options are endless! So take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and head to one of Mesa’s many parks for a day you’ll never forget.

1. Pioneer Park

Photo Credit: Tawnya92

The City of Mesa Parks and Recreation manages over 200 parks, and Pioneer Park is easily the local favorite. With an endless supply of amenities ranging from restrooms to a 15-foot water wall, what’s not to love about a day at the park? There is even an area dedicated to food trucks, so you don’t have to leave the park when you get hungry!

2. Riverview Park

Photo Credit: Eli T Webb

If Riverview Park wasn’t already one of the most popular parks in Mesa, it certainly is now. Recent renovations have brought this park to a whole new level with the introduction of the Cubs Spring training facility, Sloan Park, and a full park makeover.

This beautiful park now has a variety of climbing structures, a splash pad with multiple water features, and reservable picnic ramadas, amongst other things. There is also a fishing lake for a relaxing afternoon of casting your line by the water!

3. Greenfield Park

Photo Credit: Brent Coulter

Speaking of fishing lakes, another great option is Greenfield Park! Packed with minnows, bluegill, catfish, and bass, an afternoon at Greenfield Park is a fisherman’s dream. Not into fishing? Greenfield Park stretches out over 20 acres and offers plenty more to do.

Take a picturesque walk around the lake, relax in the shade at one of two reservable ramadas, watch your kids play at the shaded playground, or play a round of horseshoes. The options are endless!

4. Dobson Ranch Park

Photo Credit: gpointstudio

Dobson Ranch Park earns the title of an amazing park for its inclusive playground alone, and everything else is just icing on the cake. A variety of features, ranging from toddler expression swings to a 50-foot zipline, ensure that there is something for kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

When you aren’t sitting back watching your kids run around without a care in the world, you can enjoy some of the park’s many other features. Sit by the lake, stroll on the walking trail, play a round of golf, and so much more!

5. Falcon Field Park

Photo Credit: Jason Finn

At just 3 acres, Falcon Field Park may be small, but it definitely packs a punch. Beat the Arizona heat with a reservable ramada, or opt for something simpler like a shaded picnic table. The key word here is shade!

Looking to work up a sweat? Consider getting out on one of the courts to play a game of volleyball or basketball.

6. Desert Trails Park

Photo Credit: Ray Redstone

If your idea of relaxing is going for an exhilarating bike ride, then Desert Trails Park is the place for you. Desert Trails Park has a variety of biking trails ranging from a kids’ skill track to a black diamond flow trail. The choice is yours! Some biking trails also double as hiking trails for those who would rather keep their feet on the ground.

7. Quail Run Park

Photo Credit: Kitreel

What’s more relaxing than sitting at a picnic area and watching happy dogs run around? Dogs and parks usually go hand in hand, but there is no better place to see some furry friends than at Quail Run Park. This massive dog park has two fenced-in, off-leash areas for pups of all kinds. One area is dedicated to more timid dogs, while the other offers an area for energized dogs to blow off steam.

8. Red Mountain District Park

Photo Credit: The Global Guy

With more than 1,000 acres to run around, it is no wonder that Red Mountain District Park is one of the best places to hang out. Even with various softball fields, soccer fields, basketball fields, and more, there is still tons of wide open space to take in the beauty of Arizona’s desert. Hop on one of the many walking trails and feel your troubles wash away as you listen to nothing but the sounds of children laughing and birds chirping.

9. Usery Mountain Regional Park

Photo Credit: Mark Skalny

While most of Mesa’s parks are run by the city, Usery Mountain Regional Park is run by the country and has a completely different feel. Maricopa County Parks and Recreation hosts special events like a Friday morning talk with a park ranger about wildlife and discovery stations with pelts and skulls of native animals. Come to the park for a relaxing hike and stay awhile to learn something new!

10. Emerald Park

Photo Credit: glenrichardphoto

Sometimes, you only want a nice peaceful park without the frills to enjoy a picnic lunch or a casual afternoon outdoors. Emerald Park is just that.

This underrated park doesn’t get nearly as much visitation as some of its competitors, but that is part of its charm. This quaint park is as relaxing as possible, with 16 acres peppered with picnic areas, pickleball courts, a shaded playground, and a lake.

Sit Back and Relax at Mesa’s Stunning Parks

With more than 200 parks to choose from, spanning over 2,000 acres, deciding where to kick back and relax in Mesa is easy with this guide to ten of the best!

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