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Sedona, AZ, US

Short Description:

Opal - Luxury home with Sweeping Red Rock Views and Stargazing from Rooftop Deck plus amazing pool


Unwind at this stunning newly remodeled hilltop retreat. Built with soaring ceilings and floor to ceiling windows in every area of the home, the views highlight the breath-taking landscape. Complementing its modern, but classic style, Opal also has an amazing luxury pool, hot tub, patio, and a stunning rooftop that are sure to provide the right ambiance for rest and rejuvenation during your stay.


Newly renovated in West Sedona close to wineries and amazing hikes, giving guests close
access to Devil’s Bridge and the Birthing Cave! 4 KING / 1 QUEEN BEDS & 4 baths with luxury
soaking tub! Private Pool, expansive patio, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen/BBQ grill.


+ Walk to trails, less than 5 minutes from front door
+ 5 min drive to Pisa Lisa, West Sedona – our favorite pizza
+ 13 min drive to Boyton Canyon Trail
+ 18 min drive to Devil’s Bridge Trailhead
+ 6 min drive to Safeway
+ 8 min drive to Whole Foods
+ 13 min drive to Page Springs Winery
+ 10 min drive to Tlagquepaque Arts Village


✔️ 4 King Beds/1 Queen, Memory Foam
✔️ 4 baths including large soaking tub!
✔️ Chef’s kitchen: fully stocked with island seating for 4
✔️ Bar table seating for 6 with nearby large table seating for 10 with views of the pool
✔️ Fireplace and Smart TVs in Family Room and Primary Bedroom
✵ LARGE PRIVATE POOL for your enjoyment with a connected built in hot tub
✵ Large patio/built in fire pit for relaxing while enjoying pool time
✵ Rooftop Deck for watching hot air balloons at sunrise & bright stars after amazing
✵ Al fresco dining with sliding door opening to expansive outdoor grilling/seating area
✵ Large back patio dining to seat 10 in wooded oasis
✵ BBQ grill to serve up something delicious

Indoor Comforts:

o 4 Kind Beds: Brand new King Memory Foam mattresses
o 3 full bathrooms (primary has a HUGE soaking tub!)
o Fireplace and Smart TVs throughout the home
o Expansive windows in Front Room and Family Room to enjoy the views
o Upstairs Loft seating to enjoy views of Red Rock

What makes this property special:

+ ROOFTOP seating area with over 180 degree views
+ LOFT relaxation area with amazing views
+ Close to wineries as well as prime hiking spots, including Devil’s Bridge


Nestled amidst the towering red rock formations of Arizona's high desert, Sedona stands as a mesmerizing destination that captures the hearts of travelers from around the world. With its breathtaking landscapes, spiritual energy, and unique outdoor experiences, Sedona offers an unforgettable journey that's bound to leave you in awe. Let's dive into the enchanting beauty of Sedona and discover why it's a traveler's paradise.

1. Majestic Red Rock Landscapes:
Sedona's iconic red rock formations are a geological wonder, creating a dramatic backdrop that seems almost otherworldly. The vibrant hues of red and orange against the clear blue skies provide an ever-changing canvas that's a photographer's dream.

2. Spiritual Energy and Vortex Sites:
Sedona is renowned for its spiritual energy and vortex sites, which are believed to have heightened spiritual and metaphysical properties. Visitors often seek out these locations for meditation, self-discovery, and a connection with the Earth's energies.

3. Outdoor Adventures Abound:
For adventure seekers, Sedona offers a playground of outdoor activities. Hiking enthusiasts can explore trails that wind through the red rock formations, offering panoramic views and moments of serenity. Jeep tours, mountain biking, and rock climbing are just a few of the exhilarating options available.

4. Art and Culture Scene:
Beyond its natural beauty, Sedona boasts a thriving arts and culture scene. The Sedona Arts Center showcases the works of local artists, while the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is a charming enclave filled with galleries, shops, and sculptures.

5. Chapel of the Holy Cross:
A true architectural marvel, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a must-visit. Perched atop a red rock butte, this unique chapel offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and provides a serene space for reflection.

6. Stargazing in the Desert Sky:
With its clear desert skies and minimal light pollution, Sedona is an excellent destination for stargazing. Join a guided stargazing tour to witness the celestial wonders above and gain insights into the night sky.

7. Healing and Wellness Retreats:
Sedona's serene surroundings make it an ideal destination for healing and wellness retreats. From holistic spas to yoga retreats, the city's tranquil atmosphere encourages relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care.

8. Local Cuisine and Dining:
Savor the flavors of Sedona through its diverse culinary offerings. From charming cafes to upscale restaurants, you'll find a range of dining options that blend Southwestern cuisine with international influences.

9. Scenic Drives and Day Trips:
Exploring Sedona is not limited to hiking trails alone. Scenic drives, such as the Red Rock Scenic Byway, provide a captivating way to experience the landscapes. Additionally, Sedona's proximity to the Grand Canyon and other nearby attractions makes it an excellent hub for day trips.

10. Captivating Sunsets:
As the day draws to a close, prepare to be amazed by Sedona's stunning sunsets. The changing colors of the sky cast a warm and magical glow over the red rocks, creating a truly unforgettable sight.


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quality service and an easy check in/out process. We provide a Concierge Service that guests
would expect from a 5-star Resort.

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