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Sedona, AZ, US

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Tropiz del Norte: Historic Red Rock Estate w/ Pool


Tropiz del Norte is not just a property; it’s a personality and a true Arizona experience! This Santa Fe-style sanctuary invites you into a Sedona “vortex”of your very own. Set against a stunning backdrop of cypress trees and majestic red rocks, the pool and hot tub are the perfect place relax and unwind. Inside, the home is a testament to its Southwestern heritage, adorned with authentic Navajo art, hand-painted tiles, and exposed wooden beams that reflect Sedona's timeless beauty.


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Immerse yourself in a quintessential Sedona experience, blending Southwestern charm with modern luxury in a Santa Fe-style setting. Nestled within immaculately landscaped grounds that reflect the region's natural splendor, this retreat is designed for peace and reflection. The heart of the home is the open-plan living and dining area, where large windows and glass doors invite the outside in, framing the majestic Sedona red rocks. Step outside onto the expansive hascenda-style patio, where the aroma of pinyon pine fills the air. Whether you're taking a refreshing dip in the pool or savoring your morning coffee, the surrounding landscape adds a natural, unobtrusive splendor to every activity.


Sedona is a captivating blend of natural splendor, artistic expression, and serene living, set amidst iconic red rock formations. From the bustling galleries and eateries of Uptown to the quieter, residential charm of West Sedona, each neighborhood offers its own unique flavor. The lush Oak Creek Canyon and the tranquil Village of Oak Creek provide picturesque settings for outdoor activities and relaxation. Known for its energy vortex sites, Sedona attracts those seeking spiritual growth and rejuvenation. Across its varied landscapes and communities, Sedona presents a harmonious balance of adventure, culture, and tranquility, making it a unique destination that appeals to nature lovers, artists, and seekers alike.


We recommend renting a car for the scenic 2.5-hour drive from Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport to Sedona. Our location is perfect for day trips to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Bella Palazzo Luxury Team provide genuine service with a smile and will be available via phone, text or email to ensure your visit is seamless and carefree.  Our team will be responsive to any or concerns are always available for everything you may need to make your stay perfect!


Every corner of the property has been meticulously curated to offer peace, comfort, adventure, relaxation, and luxury. The entryway welcomes you with its hacienda-inspired open floor plan, soaring ceilings, and massive windows that capture the majesty of Castle Rock. Sliding doors provide access to the outdoor patio. The great room is an invitation to unwind with its wrap-around couch, smart TV, Sonos sound system and PlayStation console. There is also a formal dining room and a display of vintage Mexican Tonala animal figurines.

The heart of the home is a sprawling kitchen, a chef's delight with a large island, hand-painted tiles, and a breakfast bar equipped with modern appliances. An informal dining nook sits by windows that showcase the scenic outdoors, while the adjacent laundry room and additional bathroom add convenience to luxury.

The west wing of the house reveals a private second den and library, replete with banco seating and adorned with antique Amish Hex signs, Guatemalan and Navajo treasures, and an extensive collection of international pottery. Each of the three bedroom suites on the ground floor promises tranquility with queen beds, ensuite baths, and direct access to a patio and the gentle Sedona breeze.

Ascend to the second story, where the owner's stunning landscape photography paves the way to the primary suite. This sanctuary features a king bed and a private deck with awe-inspiring views. The en-suite bathroom boasts a multi-directional shower, dual vanities, and a soaking tub set beneath an elevated picture window. There is an adjacent study adorned with beautiful carvings and pottery.

The outdoor experience is just as impressive, with hacienda-style patios enclosed by Arizona Cypress trees. The wrap-around patio space provides multiple seating areas, perfectly complemented by a large built-in barbecue grilleand prep station for all your outdoor cooking needs.

This home includes four bedrooms and sleeps a total of 8:
- Master Bedroom: One king bed
- Bedroom 2: One queen bed and one twin bed
- Bedroom 3: One queen bed
- Bedroom 4: One queen bed

To enjoy a heated pool, below is the fee for the pool to be heated:
- September 1-June 1 to $380 per day and June 1-September 1 $280 per day.
A 3-day advance notice is needed to turn it on and there is a minimum of 3 days of heat.

Sedona's red rock formations stand as natural monuments, sculpted over millennia into breathtaking shapes that capture the imagination. The interplay of light and shadow across these formations creates a dynamic scene that evolves from dawn to dusk, making every moment a new discovery for nature lovers and photographers alike.

The energy vortices of Sedona are celebrated for their restorative and inspirational effects, drawing those in search of personal growth and spiritual awakening. These powerful spots offer a unique opportunity for visitors to meditate, reflect, and connect with the natural world on a profound level.

Sedona's landscape is a treasure trove of outdoor activities. Hiking trails lead adventurers through awe-inspiring vistas, while jeep tours offer a thrilling way to explore the rugged beauty of the desert. For the more daring, mountain biking and rock climbing provide a rush against the backdrop of Sedona's iconic scenery.

Sedona's vibrant arts scene reflects the natural beauty and spiritual energy of the area. Local artists and craftspeople showcase their talents at the Sedona Arts Center and the picturesque Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, making it a cultural hub for visitors seeking unique artistic expressions and crafts.

Emerging from the red rocks, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is an architectural masterpiece offering peace and panoramic views. This serene landmark invites contemplation and offers a vantage point that reveals the majestic scope of Sedona's landscape.

The clear skies above Sedona provide a pristine canvas for celestial observation. Guided stargazing tours enhance the experience, offering insights into the constellations and celestial events that light up the night sky, making it a haven for astronomers and romantics alike.

In Sedona, the focus on wellness is paramount. The serene environment hosts numerous retreats that offer holistic healing practices, yoga sessions, and spa treatments, all designed to harmonize body, mind, and spirit amidst the calming energies of the desert.

Sedona's dining scene is as diverse as its landscape, offering a blend of Southwestern traditions and global flavors. Whether it's enjoying a meal at a quaint café or dining under the stars at an upscale restaurant, the culinary experiences in Sedona are both delicious and memorable.

Driving through Sedona is an adventure in itself, with routes like the Red Rock Scenic Byway offering stunning views at every turn. Its strategic location also makes it the perfect starting point for day trips to other Arizona wonders, including the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon.

Public courses like Sedona Golf Resort, Oakcreek Country Club, Canyon Mesa Country Club, and Poco Diablo Resort each offer unique challenges and breathtaking vistas. Additionally, the Verde Santa Fe Golf Club, located a bit further out in Cornville, offers another excellent public golfing option with panoramic views of the Verde Valley and Mingus Mountain, complementing the red rock scenery with its lush fairways and strategic layouts.
- Oakcreek Country Club: 0.9 miles, 5 minutes
- Sedona Golf Resort: 1.8 miles, 5 minutes
- Canyon Mesa Country Club: 2.1 miles, 5 minutes
- Poco Diablo Resort: 6.3 miles, 15 minutes
- Verde Santa Fe Golf Club: 18.0 miles, 24 minutes

Sedona's attractions blend natural wonder with spiritual depth and cultural richness, epitomized by the architectural marvel of the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the adventurous trails for mountain biking enthusiasts. The region's vortex sites invite introspection and renewal, while landmarks like Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon offer breathtaking hikes amidst red rock vistas.

Slide Rock State Park provides cool respite with its natural water slides, and the ancient Palatki Heritage Site connects visitors with the area's ancestral roots. For a peaceful retreat, the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park offers a serene setting for meditation against Sedona's stunning backdrop. Outdoor adventurers can explore the Broken Arrow Trail's remarkable landscapes, and the Sedona Arts Center nurtures the creative spirit with local art exhibits and workshops. Together, these destinations capture Sedona's unique blend of adventure, spirituality, and artistry.
- Chapel of the Holy Cross​​: (5.9 miles, 15 minutes)
- Mountain Biking Trails​​: (8.5 miles, 35 minutes)
- Vortex Sites​​: (8.1 miles, 20 minutes)
- Bell Rock​​: (2.5 miles, 10 minutes)
- Boynton Canyon​​: (15.9 miles, 40 minutes)
- Slide Rock State Park​​: (15.3 miles, 35 minutes)
- Palatki Heritage Site​​: (25.7 miles, 60 minutes)
- Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park​​: (11.6 miles, 30 minutes)
- Broken Arrow Trail​​: (7.4 miles, 20 minutes)
- Sedona Arts Center​​: (8.8 miles, 25 minutes)

Please note that the 3 fireplaces are NOT operable.

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