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Are you looking for the best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona? The valley is known for its delicious American, Mexican food, Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, and brunch restaurants.

Whether you are in Scottsdale, Chandler, or Phoenix proper, there are plenty of delicious tacos, barbecue joints, and take-out options available. There are plenty of entrees from which to choose, and every eatery has its unique twist. You might be looking for a steakhouse, or you might be interested in some authentic Sonoran or Southwestern cuisine.

Whether you are in Arcadia or Tempe, what are the best restaurants available? Take a look at some of the top Phoenix restaurants below, and do not miss them on your next trip!

1. Tacos Chiwas in Midtown

Inexpensive, delicious, and bursting with flavor, it is obvious why so many people who live in the Phoenix area swear by Tacos Chiwas. You can find this delicious joint located in the Midtown area. Even though there are some restaurants that serve over-priced tacos, this is not one of them. While this location is sure to be packed on Cinco de Mayo, you will not want to miss the celebration. While you can certainly reach for the classics, such as the al pastor, do not hesitate to branch out a bit. Perfect when you are in the mood for tacos, and a great option when you are looking for a fast lunch, Tacos Chiwas in Midtown will suit just about any situation. You can find this Delicious Restaurant located on E McDowell Rd.

2. The Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva Located in Downtown Phoenix

It should come as no surprise that Phoenix has plenty of Mexican restaurants from which to choose; however, one of the most popular is the Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva. This is certainly an upscale restaurant, but it will not disappoint. Located on the edge of downtown, you can enjoy food from a wide variety of Mexican regions. If you think they are all the same, you are certainly in for a treat! Maybe you are in the mood for some fresh mole, or perhaps you want to try some unique Mexican cocktails. You can find Sonoran food just about anywhere else, so this is an opportunity to try something new. If you can’t decide, you may want to try one of their set menus. You can find the Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva on Grand Ave.

3. Lux Central in Uptown Phoenix

If you are looking for a restaurant that does a little bit of everything, then make sure you check out Lux Central. This is a great place to go for a quick bite to eat. You can always find a delicious cocktail, a fresh cup of coffee, or a pastry. As a result, a lot of people swing by this delicious joint for breakfast. In particular, you should give their mac and cheese a try. You might even want to swing by this restaurant on your way to the Phoenix Art Museum. It opens at 6 a.m. every day, and it is located on N Central Ave. If you are looking for a quick, delicious breakfast, give this joint a try!

4. Benjamin’s Upstairs in Old Town Scottsdale

If you are looking for a restaurant that will take you back, you will immediately think of the Speakeasy when you set foot in Benjamin’s. You can find this restaurant just above the Citizen Public House. This restaurant can be expensive, but it will be worth every penny to enjoy this unique dining experience. The dining room is unparalleled, you can choose from a wide variety of southern comforts, and do not overlook the delicious sashimi. Before you simply walk in and ask for a table, make sure you do not need a reservation. You can find Benjamin’s Upstairs located on

5. Taco Boys in The Valley

It should come as no surprise that Mexican food in Phoenix includes both upscale and hole-in-the-wall options. This is certainly one of the latter. At the same time, the tacos are still absolutely delicious. The menu is a bit compact, but everything comes off of a fresh charcoal grill. You should expect to have access to plenty of authentic Mexican options, including barbacoa, tripa, and cabeza. Furthermore, it is very inexpensive. Therefore, you might be able to try everything on the menu when you show up! If you are interested in giving Taco Boys a try, you can find them located on E Roosevelt St.

6. The Attic Ale House in Arcadia

If you find yourself tired after a day of hiking Camelback Mountain, then be sure to swing by the Attic Ale House in Arcadia when you are done. This is a short drive from some of the most popular hiking trails, and this is a great place for a beer and a burger. That way, you an refuel for your next journey. This location has an incredibly long beer and wine menu, so you will have plenty of options from which to choose. You can enjoy a view of the mountain that you just came down, and you can stuff your face with a delicious Ivan Burger. You can find The Attic Ale House located on E Indian School Rd.

7. Via Della Slice Shop in Downtown Phoenix

This is one of the newer pizza joints in downtown Phoenix, but they have already become one of the most popular. The pizzas aren’t complicated, you have plenty of choices from which to choose, and you can customize them to meet your needs. You can choose from delicious cheese, fresh pepperoni, and numerous crust options. Of course, you can buy a single slice or an entire pie. They have plenty of classic Italian options along with unique twists on some of your favorites. This restaurant also sells chicken wings. If you are interested in trying Via Della Slice Shop, you can find them located on N 5th Ave.

8. Ocotillo in Midtown

A lot of people still associate Phoenix with the wild west, but that is not as common as it used to be. Ocotillo is a great restaurant for a quick beer and some music when you hang out with friends. In particular, you should swing by this joint for brunch. You can find delicious pancakes, some roasted bananas, or even a nice twist on French toast. Even though they offer an American menu, they are known for their delicious Southwestern fare. For example, you might want to try the parmesan polenta or the crispy eggplant. You can find Ocotillo located on N 3rd Street.

9. Pa’La in Downtown Phoenix

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This is another delicious Italian restaurant located in the middle of downtown Phoenix. This restaurant puts a twist on some of your favorite Italian dishes. Maybe you are looking for some fresh scallops, or perhaps you are in the mood for some tapas. You can choose from sandwiches, delicious bowls, and plenty of other meals that come straight from the oven. With plenty of entrees from which to choose, this eatery is perfect if you are looking for a slightly different experience. Of course, like any Italian restaurant, you have plenty of delicious wine options as well. If you want to try something new in downtown Phoenix, swing by Pa’La, located on N 24th St.

10. The Pizzeria Bianco in Downtown Phoenix

Even though Phoenix has a lot of delicious pizza joints, one of the best options is Pizzeria Bianco. It is located in the heart of downtown, but there are multiple locations throughout the city. If you are in the mood for an appetizer, then be sure to try the spiedini. Then, give any of their pizzas a try. If you are looking for a joint that has a larger menu, then do not hesitate to check out the second location at Town & Country; however, most people who live in Phoenix will swear by the original location. The downtown location can be found on E Adams St. Did we mention this restaurant even won a James Beard award?

11. Binkley’s Restaurant

If you are looking for upscale, new American food that rivals anything you have tried anywhere else, then just say the name Binkley. Binkley’s Restaurant has an unparalleled reputation throughout Phoenix. Yes, you should expect to spend a pretty penny, but it will be worth it. You will have access to some of the top meals available, and every one of them comes from a different location across the country. You can go on a tour of the most delicious meals found throughout the United States and one Fell Swoop. If you are willing to give Binkley’s a try, you can find them located on E Osborn Rd.

12. Renata’s Hearth in the Arizona Biltmore Hotel

If you are looking for flavorful dishes and a welcoming atmosphere, then check out Renata’s Hearth. This is a new Latin restaurant that specializes in Central American cuisine. The menu has plenty of smokey options, and the dishes are always perfect to be shown off on your Instagram page! Perhaps you are interested in some wagyu New York steak, or maybe you are looking for shrimp and salmon. You have plenty of soups and salads from which to choose as well. If you are looking for a meal that you can enjoy with a bunch of friends, then swing by this new restaurant located in the Arizona Biltmore. You can find it on Missouri Ave.

13. Hot Daisy in Downtown Phoenix

Hot Daisy is the restaurant of the famous pastry chef Tammie Cox. She puts her twist on craft pizza, and you will not be disappointed. When you order a pizza, you envision east meeting west. You can choose from a wide variety of toppings including eggplant, Cotija cheese, and corn. Of course, you can also put your classic toppings on your pizza as well. You can purchase a single slice, or you can purchase an entire pie. The restaurant offers some other options as well, including sandwiches, garlic sticks, and dessert. If you are ready to try something different, then take a look inside the imagination of a famous pastry chef. You can find Hot Daisy located on Roosevelt St.

14. Futuro at the Palabra Collective in Downtown Phoenix

If you are looking for a great bakery with a minimalist design, then check out Futuro. The first thing you will notice when you walk in is that it is incredibly bright inside because everything has been painted white. Then, consider trying one of their delicious pastries or a Mexican coffee drink. During the fall and winter, this restaurant only serves brunch on the weekends. If you happen to get lucky enough with your brunch timing, then be sure to try a few of their Barbacoa dishes. You will not be disappointed. You can find Futuro on N 1st St.

15. Bacanora on Grand

Here is another delicious Mexican restaurant that specializes in Sonoran food. Bacanora is a historic, hip, small restaurant that has plenty of character and a welcoming atmosphere. You can choose from plenty of options including organic flour tortillas, homemade salsa, hot peppers, and protein fresh off the grill. If you order a burrito, it will require two hands to hold, so you should be prepared for a challenge! As soon as you bite into one of their dishes, you will see why the people of Phoenix love this restaurant so much. You can find Bacanora on Grand Ave.

16. Belly Kitchen and Bar

If you are looking for Southeast Asian Cuisine, then consider giving Belly Kitchen and Bar a try. You can order a wide variety of dishes. Many of them you will find on other Asian menus, but this restaurant puts a nice twist on all of them. For example, you might be interested in some pan mi handheld sandwiches, cha lau pork, or a delicious fish dish. You can also dig into a delicious clay pot meal. You can finish off your meal with plenty of side dishes to try a bit of everything. If you want some Asian food, this is one of the top places to go. You can find Belly Kitchen and Bar on Melrose.

17. Windsor in Uptown Phoenix

Windsor is another restaurant located on Central Ave that is perfect when you want to spend some extra time with friends. If you find yourself bouncing from restaurant to restaurant on Central, do not hesitate to swing by this option as well. This is an American Pub that serves delicious bar food. It will take care of your appetite without taking too big of a bite out of your wallet. They have a nice drink selection, the menu has plenty of variety, and the setting is nice and laid back. It is obvious why so many people work it into their bar and pub crawls. You can find Windsor situated on N Central Ave.

18. Ramen Kawaga in Downtown Phoenix

There are already plenty of Japanese restaurants in downtown Phoenix, but this new option already has people talking. Ramen Kawaga offers a wide selection of delicious noodle dishes including spicy ramen noodles, Japanese curry, and even a few Bento boxes. Whether you want to pick up the mail and take it home or enjoy it on the patio, you will not be disappointed with the delicious food. You can customize your dishes to meet your needs, and you can make them as spicy as you would like. Do not forget to try the green tea cheesecake for dessert, as you can always make more room! If you want to explore everything that Ramen Kawaga has to offer, you can find this restaurant located on Monroe St.

19. Stoop Kid in Downtown Phoenix

Are you looking for something simple for breakfast? If so, then give Stoop Kid a try. Located in downtown Phoenix, you can choose from plenty of bagels and delicious coffee. This restaurant also stays open during lunch, so you may want to try burgers as well. They offer plenty of snacks you can use to round out your meal. If you swing by the restaurant, you might want to enjoy breakfast with a view, as there are seats outside. Keep in mind that the bagels do sell out quickly. If you don’t want to make the trek to the restaurant, you can also ask the restaurant to deliver the bagels right to you! You can find Stoop Kid located on 1st St.

20. The Churchill Market in Downtown

If you are in the mood for a food court, do not hesitate to swing by The Churchill. It is very close to the Convention Center, so if you find yourself looking for something to eat following an event, then be sure to check out the Churchill Market. This used to be the location of numerous shipping containers, but the area has been reclaimed and turned into a courtyard. Now, there are lots of vendors available. You can find a margarita, plenty of fried chicken, or even some mesquite BBQ. There are new restaurants opening in the Churchill Market all the time, so why not swing by and get a few platters?

Enjoy The Best Phoenix Restaurants

Whether you find yourself looking for a bistro on Central or some brisket on Camelback Rd, Phoenix has something for everyone. There are plenty of options in downtown, uptown, and Central Phoenix, whether you are looking for fine dining or some Southwest pairings. You might also want to check out a few restaurants in Mesa or South Phoenix!

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